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  • December 12, 2014

Preventing Homelessness in the Peterborough Riding

Ontario Continues to Support Local Solutions through a Housing First Approach



Thursday October 2, 2014



Ontario is helping people dealing with homelessness get access to housing, an important first step to moving out of poverty.


The government’s new Poverty Reduction Strategy sets a bold long-term goal to end homelessness in Ontario by focusing more closely on those who are currently homeless or at risk of being homeless. It builds on Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy (LTAHS) that is transforming the housing system by focusing on better outcomes for those in need.


The Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI) is a key part of LTAHS.  Through a Housing First approach this program supports more local, flexible and tailored solutions for Ontario’s most vulnerable. This helps people to obtain permanent affordable housing and the unique supports they need to stay housed.


This year about $294 million is being provided to municipalities through CHPI to help address specific homelessness needs in their communities. This includes an additional $42 million annually that was announced in the recent provincial budget.


The City of Peterborough will receive a total of $3,314,563 from CHPI.


Providing support to address homelessness is part of the government’s plan to build Ontario up by investing in people, building modern infrastructure and supporting a dynamic and innovative business climate.




“Our government is committed to supporting initiatives and activities that help prevent and reduce homelessness in Ontario. The Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative gives communities the flexibility to address local priorities and better meet the needs of individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.”

 - The Honourable Jeff Leal, MPP


“The need to provide security and stability to the most vulnerable persons in our community is so very important.  We congratulate the Province on identifying homelessness strategies as a top priority and for allocating funding to assist municipalities in implementing programs to assist.”

 - J. Murray Jones, Warden County of Peterborough


"This funding is an important step to provide access to affordable housing to Peterborough citizens. On behalf of Peterborough Council, I thank MPP Leal for his efforts to continue to advocate on our behalf to help reduce homelessness in Peterborough."

 - Daryl Bennett, Mayor City of Peterborough


“The Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network welcomes this provincial allocation of  $3,314,563 for homelessness. These funds will assist the City and the County of Peterborough in their efforts to reduce literal homelessness and making housing available for those increasingly unable to afford it.”

 - John Martyn, Vice-Chair of The Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network




  • As of March 31, 2014, CHPI funding has assisted approximately 33,100 households experiencing homelessness obtain housing and has helped approximately 83,800 households at-risk of homelessness remain in their homes.
  • Studies show that each shelter bed costs approximately $1,600 per month while permanent housing costs approximately $715 per month.
  • Since 2003, Ontario’s funding commitment of over $4 billion, which includes the recent extension to the Investment in Affordable Housing program, is the largest affordable housing program in the province’s history. 
  • Ontario is supporting the creation of over 20,000 affordable rental housing units, making more than 275,000 repairs and improvements to social and affordable housing units, and providing rental and down payment assistance to over 90,000 households.




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