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  • March 06, 2015

saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM Helps Businesses Across Ontario Further Reduce Energy Costs

Boston Pizza Peterborough is leading by example in corporate sustainability


March 6, 2015


Peterborough, March 6, 2015 — Jeff Leal, MPP for Peterborough, visited Boston Pizza at 821 Rye Street today to raise awareness about Ontario’s saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM.


This program helps businesses operate more efficiently and improve their bottom line through the integration of energy-efficient solutions and equipment.


Offered by Peterborough Utilities, the Independent Electricity System Operator's (IESO),

RETROFIT PROGRAM is one of several initiatives that represent the province’s new ‘Conservation First Framework’, which is designed to reduce electricity consumption in Ontario by seven terawatt-hours between 2015 and 2020.


Boston Pizza is leading by example by participating in the RETROFIT PROGRAM.  Boston Pizza, working with Peterborough Utilities, received a saveONenergy incentive of $3,712 to integrate a new Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) system in the kitchen of the restaurant. The DCV system has reduced the restaurant’s annual energy consumption by roughly 27,000 kWh a year, which translates to approximately $2,500 in yearly savings.


The RETROFIT PROGRAM offer incentives for high-efficiency equipment such as lighting, motors and heating and control systems to improve the overall efficiency of commercial buildings. Eligible companies can receive incentives worth up to 50 percent of project costs.




“The saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM is one way Ontario is helping businesses save money and energy. The enhanced conservation programs offered under the Five-Point Small Business Energy Savings Plan are part of Ontario’s commitment to putting conservation first.”

- Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy


“I am pleased to hear that local businesses are benefiting from the saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM to conserve energy and save money.  There are simple things that businesses can modify that will help make a difference and have a real impact.  I commend the management and staff here at Boston Pizza for taking advantage of this program.”

- Jeff Leal, MPP Peterborough


“We own and operate 4 Boston Pizza locations across Ontario. In all of our locations, we are environmentally friendly and do a lot of different things to try and save energy. With the saveONenergy Retrofit Program, we were able to put in the Melink Intelli-Hood Demand Ventilation System. Without the incentive program, we probably wouldn't have put in the system, with it; it made a good project even better. We get a much faster payback on our investment and we get long-term energy savings too.

-       Cory Luedtke, Owner/Operator of four Boston Pizza restaurants.


“As we close off one chapter of our conservation programs and prepare for the next five years, we thank all of the businesses in Peterborough that have participated in our many conservation programs. They have helped us achieve a difficult reduction target and will continue to reap the benefit of energy savings for years to come”

- David Whitehouse, Director Customer/Corporate Service/Conservation Officer, Peterborough Utilities Group


“The saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM provides a great opportunity for business of all sizes across Ontario to manage their electricity use and reducing their operating costs.  By participating in the program, Boston Pizza is improving its bottom line and benefitting from newer, more energy-efficient solutions. The IESO commends Boston Pizza for its continued efforts to promote a culture of conservation and support conservation goals across Ontario. “

-Terry Young, Vice President Conservation and Corporate Relations, IESO




For more information about, or to apply for, the RETROFIT PROGRAM and other saveONenergy for Business initiatives, visit Peterborough Utilities website at

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