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  • February 03, 2014

Improving Driver’s Licence Renewal for Seniors

Ontario Government Committed to Supporting Seniors


January 30, 2014


Ontariois enhancing its driver’s licence renewal program to help seniors who are fit to drive renew their licences.


Starting April 21, 2014, drivers aged 80 and over will no longer have to complete a written knowledge test. Instead, they will participate in a shorter, simpler renewal program that includes:

  • a vision test
  • a driver record review
  • an improved, in-class group education session
  • two short, in-class screening exercises


The new screening exercises are simple, non-computerized tasks that help identify drivers who may need further assessment, such as a road test or medical review. Samples of both exercises are available online.


Enhancements to the senior driver’s licence renewal program are supported by the latest scientific research and are part of the Ontario government's plan to make it easier for people to access important government services, when and where they need them.  




“I work very closely with a number of senior organizations in the Peterborough County and City and I am pleased that these driver’s licence changes have been made.”

-       The Honourable Jeff Leal, MPP


“Ontario’s senior driver programs aim to keep seniors driving for as long as they can safely do so. These changes will help seniors stay on the roads safely with a more streamlined renewal process, while also better flagging those who shouldn’t be driving.”

—   Glen Murray, Minister of Transportation, Minister of Infrastructure


“We want to help seniors stay connected and active in the communities they helped to build. Ontario’s senior driver programs will help senior drivers who are fit to drive, and pose no risk,  renew their licences faster and with less stress.”

—   Mario Sergio, Minister Responsible for Seniors Affairs


“Driving plays an important role in helping seniors maintain their independence. These changes strike the right balance in keeping everyone safe on the road by using evidence-based methods to test the ability to drive safely.”

—   Susan Eng, CARP vice-president, advocacy



  • The new renewal session will take approximately 90 minutes, or less than half the time of the current program.
  • Ontariodrivers age 80 and over must renew their licences every two years.
  • In 2012, 117,237 drivers age 80 and older attended a group education session.
  • Ontariois the only province in Canadawith a mandatory education component for senior driver’s licence renewal.
  • The current cost of renewal for seniors will remain the same at $32.There is no additional cost for a road test.




Renew a G driver’s licence: age 80 and over


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